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With origins dating as far back as 1867, at BHP we pride ourselves on being pioneers and leaders of change, and it’s with this ethos that we continue to thrive. Whether it’s the dynamic business environment or shifting client needs, we’re continuously evolving to meet change head-on and we never stand still.

Our 150 years longevity is built on our ability to innovate, adapt and lead – this is how we stay at the forefront of our industry, an industry which is now largely shaped by technology and the digital age. Indeed we have successfully grown our business to a turnover of over £20m, with five offices, 31 partners and more than 300 experts spanning the whole range of services our clients may need.

Our work is becoming increasingly digitalised – in just a few months, on 1 April, the Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation lands, signalling a fundamental step in HMRC's ambition to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world. MTD puts the onus on businesses to move forward into the digital world – a world we have been moving our clients into for more than a decade.

The development of apps and cloud-based solutions continues to gather pace, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming our sector. While people talk about the profession ‘currently undergoing’ rapid and disruptive change, the reality is that digital disruption and technological change started long ago. BHP have been at the forefront of these developments from the outset.

Using technology, we’re able to make everything more seamless, mobile, efficient and above all, simpler and faster for our clients. With tech support for some of the more traditional elements of our work, we’re freed to focus on areas that, as humans, we do really well. We can save time with things like inputting and processing, allowing us to add more value to our work and dedicate more of our time to providing advice for clients.

What’s more, as humans, we value quality relationships. We’re all completely different with unique, individual personalities, experiences and skills. While traditionally at BHP we used to be largely ‘number crunchers’, we’ve been changing what we do for some time – taking the business in new directions, bringing in new skill sets and innovating our value-added services.

Over the years we’ve added a number of new service lines and moved to become more advisory focused so that when businesses discuss their challenges with us, we’re able to offer one-stop-shop for all business needs.

As an example, clients often ask us whether funding they’re receiving is the most appropriate for them, so we brought someone on board who has specific experience in this area. Mark Storey has 30 years knowledge and practical experience working for both mainstream and alternative financial institutions and his skills and experience mean he can closely advise companies through these decisions specifically.

Another example is that we now offer a virtual Finance Director. Our cloud specialist team at BHP Prosper work hand-in-hand with clients, meeting when needed to go through strategy plans, budgets and results and then providing the advice and support that a business would usually get from a Financial Director role.

For a long time, we’ve listened to what businesses want and need, and shaped our services to fit. It’s this approach that has led to us achieving Gold standard from the prestigious Investor in Customers (IIC) accreditation. Our experts offer flexibility and responsiveness to meet all business requirements at every stage of the business life-cycle.

It is this thinking that has shaped our new ‘how do you tie your laces’ campaign for 2019. This celebrates our team as unique individuals and how we’re each able to support our clients in our own way. We may tie our shoelaces differently but we all work together as a team to support, develop and inspire our people and our clients to realise their true potential. Above all we want to celebrate our people at BHP – our pioneering team who are doing and will continue to do great things for our firm and for our clients.

We’ve also made the decision to drop the words ‘Chartered Accountants’ from our name, as we’re now so much more than just accountants.

We know that while technology is a game-changer for our profession, algorithms will only take us so far and there are many areas where you need the quality advice and added value that comes from having a great relationship with an experienced and highly knowledgeable trusted advisor.

This is where we believe the profession needs to be and, at BHP, we are well on our way there.

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